Whack the Goblin


What’s all this then?

Whack the Goblin is a table-top role-play-game for one to 36 players.

Even though it is a role-play game, there is no need for a dungeon master. The rules, dice, and players take on that role. Read more…

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A new set of rules

The current rule set has quite a limitation: there is nothing beyond level 10. No better loot, no new abilities, and no new monsters.
Furthermore, as soon as an attribute reaches 14, there is no more advancement possible.

This is obviously mind-numblingly boring! First getting to know and love a character—and then dumping it just at level 10?

Well, the good news is, that I’m working on new rules that don’t have any upper bound. The first version of it, which might be done in a couple of weeks, will only be available in German. When testing goes well, it will be translated shortly afterwards.

Of course, if anyone feels like helping with the translations, I’d appreciate that!

Oh, and I switched the homepage to use a different “CMS”. The result is, that the RSS feed is working again. Hooray!

Game figures

Despite of what it may look like, there is still quite some work going on Whack the Goblin.

Additionally to the translation of a simplified version of the handbook there have been some ideas about to game figures.

Game figure, front side
Game figure, back side

More and more content…

Now the monster cards are available in English as well.

WtG helper

Despite Oracle’s attempts to scare everyone away from Java, the Whack the Goblin helper has been updated to version 0.4.1 and released (see downloads).

This version comes with a basic translation facility. That means that you can use the generic monster configuration file (which is in German), load it with the WtG helper and have everything1 but the monster’s names translated to English.

  1. I hope I didn’t miss too many terms. Just give me a heads-up if I did. 

First Content

Well, here we start with the first actual content in English. Obviously the translations are still a bit German, but that might change in good time.
Of course, if you feel like helping, just write an e-mail!

So, what’s there, and what not? The character booklets are translated as well as the area cards, loot, and equipment tables.
The missing bits are the handbook, monster cards, and the computer stuff.

Stay tuned for more!